Alpha & Omega Counseling Center Welcomes You!

Alpha & Omega Counseling Center provides the warm and welcoming environment necessary for people to begin to address their issues. We are nestled in Northeast PA in the quaint town of Lake Ariel in the Vonderhey Plaza.

It is a counseling center where one is able to come and feel safe, comfortable and at ease. Counseling is done on an individual, couples, family, adolescent, or group basis, and is strictly confidential.

One can use the counseling center for a place to vent, a place to dump, or a place to unload deep dark personal problems.

Whatever you decide, the counseling center in Northeast PA is there for you. No one is too old and no problems are too big, or too small. While we believe deeply in spirituality, we do not subscribe to any particular religion.

All creeds will be accepted at Alpha and Omega Counseling because; here we believe that Relationships trump religion every time.

We also cater to spiritual people. We believe that we can find solutions to your current issues.

We also believe that no matter what we can help.

Almost everyone has been wounded by church in today’s society, and because of that a lot of people have been turned off to having a relationship with God. This need not be the case. We also help wounded people find a connection to God again. This is done through love.

Have questions? Call Alpha & Omega Christian Counseling Center.

If you would like to inquire about counseling at our center, please feel free to either call or fill in the contact information on the “contact us” page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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